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The time frame for this story is 1913 to 1958. Isla's father passed away of influenza when she was 15 years old. Her mother expects her to go to work to help with the family finances and sends her away to a boarding school to learn the skills of a dressmaker. At a naive 18 years, she falls in love with Jonathan, a college playboy, who is forced to marry her when she becomes pregnant. After a questionable accident the baby is stillborn. Their marriage is strained and, after giving birth to a baby girl, Franny, Isla's love for Jonathan is lost and they divorce.

Settling for security and a good father for Franny, she marries Jake but he has a secret. In the late 1930's, circumstances make them decide to move away. They move to Pomona Valley in California and this is where the rest of the story takes place.

Franny meets Harry and they become high school sweethearts and marry after graduation. They have twin girls, Jani and Emma. When Harry return home from fighting in World War II, Franny commits adultery and their family unit is threatened.

As teenage girls with screaming hormones they experience unexpected adventures, while their parents are challenged to retain control.