This is a story of the devastating events of becoming a widow. There was no warning. Fifty-eight years of marriage and they were in a good place. Tamara (Tami) and her husband considered themselves truly blessed to be in good health, enjoying their growing family of two children, four grandchildren, three greats, and one on the way.

They were a truly close-knit family looking forward to a new baby in the family, their son’s first grandchild. And, the wedding of their youngest granddaughter’s who was planning a special wedding dance with her Papa.

What do you do when that life no longer exists? Tami reveals her process of grieving, many trips to a medium, and the disclosure of five of her friends, and how they dealt with the loss of their life partner.

Have you taken the necessary measures for when you are the one left behind? Are you prepared to continue your life’s journey alone?

Tami will share her personal experiences and give you some suggestions on how to be prepared. She hopes you find her experiences helpful and that your grieving will be less painful.